samo-opusteno Nacionalizam i rodoljublje
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Анархизам у Норвешкој By: Knez Danilo II Date: Maj 07, 2008, 22:46:04
Е, овако, ове слике ми је послао колега из Норвешке, лично их је сликао. Ко зна, и препознаје, може приметити да се раде о болесној омладини, левичарске орјентације, која пропагира све нездраво, и ишчашено.

Оно што је срамота, јесте што Норвешко друштво забрањује окупљања ,,неонациста'' а дозвољава овакве срамоте.

CitatI understand what you write of course. You are good in english. 
I saw it on youtube. Reds and police attacking people for nothing. It is the same everywhere it seems

I have got a profile on Stormfront, but I am there about 2x in one year only. But I will take a look when you recommend it

It is only one NS organisation in Norway: NNSB They have got about 100-150 members I think. Im not a member there, but some of my friends are. But it is more people who call themselves racially concious / nationalists and so on, and have got about the same opinions.

We have got people who like to crash nationalist i Oslo as well. I was taking pictures of them on 1st of may: