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John Strand By: ^Tina^ Date: Septembar 22, 2010, 12:27:16
John Strand

John Strand, born in 1983, in Monterey, California, USA, is an American model.

An accomplished fashion and commercial print model, Strand was born near the waves of Monterey, grew up on the front range around Denver, Colorado.

After years of developing his skills and a solid portfolio of print, live, and commercial film work, as well as recording and performing original music with his indie rock band Celeste in both Denver and Portland, Strand has come to the western epicenter of the fashion and entertainment world -- Los Angeles, California. 
Strand begun his modeling career in April of 2007. His photos are numerous and can be seen in "303 Magazine", "FantasticMag", and "Image Magazine", and he also modeled underwear in a newspaper ad for "Sports Authority".

One of the many reasons Strand is so successful is that he is extremely passionate about everything he seeks to accomplish. “I feel intensely the joy and pain of everything I do. You’ll never succeed in modeling unless you want to, and you have to want it pretty badly. It takes a lot of determination and patience.”

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