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Kites By: Alle Date: Jul 23, 2010, 00:07:50
U/A; Romance
Dir: Anurag Basu
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangna Ranaut

WHAT'S IT ABOUT: A Hrithik Roshan film, after a gap of two-and-a-half years, comes with a lot of expectations. Add to it a producer like Rakesh Roshan (who perhaps has the most impeccable record among filmmakers) and Anurag Basu as director you demand nothing less than excellence.
But let's be fair and not let the monumental pressures cloud our judgement. As a standalone product, does their much talked-about Kites deliver? Well, it's got everything going for it a great-looking pair, fantastic production values and top-of-the-line visuals.

It's only the inconsistent content that somehow spoils the party. Kites tells the story of J (Hrithik) who's a small-time conman based in Las Vegas. When a rich casino owner's daughter Gina (Kangna Ranaut) is attracted towards him, J doesn't spare the opportunity.

He doesn't love her but finds this as a means to big bucks. When her father (Kabir Bedi) invites him over for a family event, J encounters Natasha (Barbara Mori) who's the fiancee of Gina's brother Tony (Nick Brown). J and Natasha are drawn towards each other in the unlikeliest of circumstances.
At one point, they're forced to choose between their growing love for one another and their greed for money. When they opt for the former, all hell breaks loose.

The gun-toting Tony and his family begin a ruthless hunt for the two. On the run from the mobsters and the cops, J and Natasha embark their journey discovering true love in the midst of madness and mayhem.

WHAT'S HOT: Full marks to Anurag for delivering one of the most beautifully shot films in recent times. The sweeping tale of romance almost has an epic saga look thanks to his treatment.

From the slick nightlife of Las Vegas to the vast landscapes of Santa Fe and New Mexico, Kites is a visual delight. Anurag also plays his cards well when it comes to the depiction of his characters.

He counter's J's calculating nature nicely with a touch of emotion and pathos. Natasha shows signs of desperation and determination in equal measure.

The degeneration of Tony's character from cruel to cold-blooded is captured with intensity. Kites is essentially a love story and for any love story to come across effectively, it needs loads of poignant moments.

That's what brings forth in the scenes between J and Natasha. Right from them exchanging coy glances in the presence of others to their first moment of attraction, the director adds the right touches.
From their daring escape to their sublime submission, the screenplay is well-woven. Cinematography by Ayananka Bose is of international standards.
Among the performances, Nick Brown is superb at bringing in the chills. Anand Tiwari who plays Hrithik's friend deserves a special mention for his sincerity.
Barbara Mori may not be an instant screen sensation she seems a bit old for her part and her look is inconsistent.
But there's a certain earthy charm about her that grows on you as the film progresses. She single-handedly brings to life an otherwise predictable climax.

As for Hrithik Roshan, Kites was meant to launch him in the global field and it does so with great gusto. His dance sequence in the first half is nothing short of electrifying.
There's a lot that Hrithik brings to the table for the role of J it's his innate innocence and charm that elevates the character.

WHAT'S NOT: Despite its short length, the reason why Kites becomes dreary after a point is because of the irrational and sometimes illogical script.

The writers were so engrossed in creating perfect scenes that they forgot the story had to move ahead as well.

As the film moves on, there is predictability waiting at every turn. The problem with Kites is that the makers seem confused about who they want to cater to.
For an international audience, some of the situations are way too over-the-top. Like the couple hanging on a hot air balloon or dodging police cars at every juncture or trying to rob a bank are unconvincing.

And for the Indian audience, the film suffers because of its jarring and annoying narrative. The film's dialogues are mostly in English and Spanish the subtitles are distracting.
Unnecessary footage given to J's traumatic childhood and Natasha's family history spoil the momentum.

 The filmmaker could've also done away with the cliches the casino don shooting down defaulters; the do-gooder chauffeur and the insipid American cops.
The climax would've had a deeper impact had it been crisper the last scene simply evokes laughter.
It's also sad the way Rajesh Roshan's brilliant musical score has been treated the songs are cut short mid-way. And someone please tell Kangna Ranaut to stop playing the psycho girl before we start going psycho.

WHAT TO DO: If you must, watch it for Hrithik Roshan. He's the desi Adonis. Who cares about international recognition?
Odg: Kites By: Alle Date: Jul 23, 2010, 00:08:41
prelep film ljudi.. ! Ko voli romantiku obavezno neka pogleda ovaj film..!  wub wub wub
Odg: Kites By: salke90 Date: Jul 29, 2010, 22:59:07
hvala. Extra film
Odg: Kites By: Alle Date: Jul 30, 2010, 01:29:26
hvala. Extra film
hehe..nema na cemu. .:)